.heatheranne. (babiexoxogrl) wrote,

wow its been a while

ok so ive been neglecting this thing for a bit. maybe cause i have no motivation to write really. or maybe its the genuine lack of time thats keeping me away from my journal. ok so here goes nothing...

student teaching is going really well. i love the kids and my cooperating teacher. but it is physically and emotionally exhausting. i come home every night ready to crash. u dont really realize how much time and effort goes into one day of teaching. we had february break this week which was nice. but it wasnt much of a break for me because i have to get my teaching porfolio together. this porfolio is my entire last four years of work put into one binder. its a pain in the ass but its gotta get done. so i spent the majority of the week working on that. i was also observed for the first time by my advisor a week ago and she said that she was throughly impressed by the way the lesson went (yesssss!). shes coming back again this friday with the principal to observe me. hey no pressure lol. its just my entire future thats riding on next weeks lesson lol

peter~ hes been so good to me lately. i really think hes spoiling me rotten. we've only been together for a month, but this kid already made me cookies, made a surprise trip to my job with a dozen roses in hand, bought me a guess watch annnnd my favorite victorias secret perfume etc. im tryin to tell him that he doesnt have to buy me all of this fancy shyt to make me happy. hes a really good guy and all but im still trying to see if theres a deeper connection. hes a lot different from matt personality wise. hes much more quiet and to himself, which is just him. he met leo n linda last week and they kinda took his quiteness the wrong way which was kinda annoying at first, but i had to clarify things. we have our fun when we are together, hes just a much more quiet guy. li and tara i want u guys to meet him, cause hes very cityish and i think it was too much to handle for my long island friends haha. we'll see what happens. we've only been together for a month so maybe he'll gradually open up to everyone more once he gets to kno them

but on a lighter note we went out tuesday night to carolines in the city. his friend ray, from high school, is a stand up comedian and got us into carolines for the night to watch his skit. i also got to meet his friend stephanie and her boyfriend. really nice people. and of course we were seated riiiight up front so all the comedians were talkin to us n everything the entire time we were there haha. it was a good night tho.

even tho i had the week off, i wish i had more time to actually hang out with everyone. i saw the girls and branden on monday, but thats about it. school is really killing my social life big time.

12 weeks til graduation. im starting to get a lil more excited about it, but at the same time graduation means that its time for the real world. something im not really ready to face yet. AHHHHHHH

muah to all. im done. hopefully u'll hear from me again before my next vacation xoxo
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