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babiexoxogrl's Journal

...These are my confessions

yay so you found my journal! my name is heather anne and i'm currently living in queens NY. i am a junior at Long Island University/ C.W. Post and my major is elementary education with a concentration in psychology. i absolutly love working with kids because they keep you on your toes at all times, which to me is a great challenge. during the semester, i work at the world famous pratt recreation center as a building manager on campus. i greatly appreciate my awesome friends who i can't even begin to list here. special shout out to my CW Post ladies (couldn't imagine life without u girls!) and of course my queens ladies (couldn't forget u guys!). and that is my life in a nutshell. wanna know more? drop me a comment and i'll add you to my friends list. i'm not picky, so just let me know =)

im talented at breathing, especially exhaling
so that my chest will rise and fall w/ y.o.u.r.s

won*t you hold me now
i will not bend, i will not break
won*t you hold me now
for you i r.i.s.e for you i f.a.l.l.
~dashboard confessionals